The NCDA is a non-profit professional organization for doulas and other birth professionals serving our Northern Colorado communities.

Our mission is to support both new and growing families and the birth professionals who serve them. We are dedicated to fostering strong connections within our community of birth workers and new families. We facilitate learning opportunities, strong professional relationships, and loving support for all.

If you are a new or expecting parent, please use this site to find out more about doulas, what we do, and how you can be supported throughout your childbearing year and beyond. Check out our directory of members here.

If you are a doula or birth professional looking for a sense of community and connection here in Northern Colorado, you can find more information about NCDA membership and its benefits here.

What is a doula?

The word “doula” is derived from ancient Greek and means “a woman who serves.” Today, the term “doula” is used to describe a person who provides emotional support, physical comfort measures, and continuous companionship to parents in pregnancy, birth and during baby’s first year.

Doulas work with all types of families and all types of birth. No matter what your personal situation is, there is a doula out there who is right for you.

Doulas are not medical professionals, and therefore don’t provide medical care to their clients. We can help you learn more about your options for birth and parenthood, how to communicate effectively with your care providers, and how to advocate for yourself.

A doula will be your coach, your confidante, and your biggest cheerleader during this wonderful time of life.

Other NCDA Birth Professionals

The NCDA is proud to connect as many members of our local birth community as possible, so that we can serve families with continuity. Non-doula members include:

  • lactation professionals
  • childbirth and parenting educators
  • birth and baby photographers
  • midwives
  • chiropractors
  • acupuncturists
  • infant sleep specialists
  • pregnancy and postpartum fitness experts
  • massage therapists
  • placenta encapsulators
  • …and many more!

Families in Northern Colorado can feel confident that there are professionals who can meet their needs, no matter what those are!

Membership in the NCDA is open to anyone who is dedicated to our mission of serving the birth, baby, and parenting communities in Northern Colorado. For more information about joining the NCDA, please visit the JOIN THE NCDA tab above, or click here.