Why Become a Member?

We’d love to have you!

Here are some great reasons to join the NCDA…

  • The NCDA is a wonderful, highly respected coalition of birth and baby professionals. Our members are recognized in the community by families and medical professionals alike. If you are looking to increase the visibility and trustworthiness of your business, you will find that in the NCDA.
  • The NCDA provides many networking opportunities both within our organization and in the larger community. Newer doulas will have the chance to meet long-standing members and gain from their experience and wisdom. Established professionals will continue to make connections that will benefit their business.
  • The NCDA is dedicated to continuing education. Our educational events will help you keep up with the latest techniques to add to your toolbox, learn about modalities that are different from your own, and learn more about running a small business.
  • The NCDA cares about community service. We offer opportunities for volunteering at events and frequently partner with other nonprofits in the community. We also offer participation in our Accessible Birth Program, which provides care for underserved parents in our area.
  • The NCDA offers support for our members. We care about you and want you to succeed. Our members understand the triumphs and challenges of this heart-centered work and can be a wonderful source of encouragement and solidarity for you.

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